If your knowledge of the Bisaya language is limited to “inday”, “dodong”, “maayong buntag”, and “gugma”, then be prepared because there are much more interesting things about this spoken language in the islands of Visayas, particularly in Cebu.

Despite being conquered by a number of invaders, the Philippines was able to retain its spoken languages and even made it flourish all through time. Fascinating though, some words are used by different people around the country but in context, they have totally different meanings.

In case you are planning to visit Visayas, especially Cebu, try not to get confused with the use of these words that mean otherwise in Tagalog.

Here are 10 words that mean otherwise in Sinugbuanong Binisaya

  1. Libog

Tagalog meaning: libido, lust, pervert (Si Juan ay malibog.)

Bisaya meaning: confused (Naglibog siya kung unsa ang iyang i-order nga pagkaon.)

  1. Libang

Tagalog meaning: entertained, enjoy (Masyado kaming nalibang sa aming paglalakbay.)

Bisaya meaning: poop, deficate (Nagsakit iyang tiyan maong niuli siya para malibang.)

  1. Upa

Tagalog meaning: rent (Magkano ang upa sa apartment na ito?)

Bisaya meaning: copulating animals, mate (Gibato nila ang nag-upa nga mga iro.)

  1. Abang

Tagalog meaning: lookout, wait (Nag-abang kami ng paparating na sasakyan.)

Bisaya meaning: rent (Nangabang siyag balay didto sa siyudad.)

  1. Utong

Tagalog meaning: nipple (Ayusin mo ang damit mo, halos kita na ang utong mo.)

Bisaya meaning: ‘push’ when giving birth or when defecating (Gikapoy nakog utong. Wa gyuy mugawas.)

Add on: In Ilocano it pertains to string beans. (Masarap ang adobong utong.)

  1. Lagay

Tagalog meaning: status (Ano ang lagay ng panahon?)

Bisaya meaning: balls, testicles (Ayaw sig langas, maipit na imong lagay.)

  1. Titi

Tagalog meaning: penis

Bisaya meaning: interfere with other people’s business (Ayaw sigeg titi diha. Wa kay labot.)

Add on: It means ‘breast’ in Ilonggo.

  1. Bati

Tagalog meaning: ejaculate (Dok, araw-araw akong nagbabati. Masama ba ‘to?)

Bisaya meaning: ugly (Kabati sa imong nawng.)

  1. Buto

Tagalog meaning: seed(Itanim mo na ang buto ng pakwan.)

Bisaya meaning: female genitalia

  1. Belat

Tagalog meaning: interjection that means “serves you right” which is usually done with tongue sticking out

Bisaya meaning: female genitalia

Interesting, right? So the next time you visit Cebu and hear people saying, “Kadiyot lang, naglibog pa ko unsa ako paliton,” they don’t mean what you are thinking. And be careful when to use “Gusto n’yo bang malibang ngayon?” – or else you’ll earn a lot of good laughs.

Do you know any other words in Bisaya and Tagalog (or other languages) that mean totally different from each other? Share! Share! Share!