33-Man Medical Team from Armed Forces of The Philippines Arrives in Cebu

To help Cebu City’s Medical Forces, a 33-man medical team from the AFP has been deployed in Cebu City today, June 28, 2020.

This medical team is composed of doctors, nurses and aides of the military and have heard the call to help Cebu City’s covid-19 war.

The medical team landed in Mactan this very morning and were then transported to the Central Command.

The move showcases the Central Command’s initiative to not just help in keeping security and logistics but also to further augment Cebu’s much needed healthcare system given city’s ongoing covid-19 situation.

Photo from Central Command

“Being here alone is a hard role to take. But thankfully our selflessness and love for our country comes to picture. The current situation calls us to act as one. This Pandemic is teaching us that no man is an island. We cannot fight this battle alone. The work gets easier when we are working hand in hand. Let’s take part by following the basic health protocols to keep ourselves safe from the virus. As the saying goes, together we stand against it makes us stronger towards it. But if we are not, divided we could fall. Always remember that our safety is our own responsibility and it should start from ourselves at home.”, said LTGEN Ancan.

Salute to our brave and selfless military medical professionals who have heard the call to help Cebu City!