Beautiful Rice Terraces In Cebu You Should Not Miss

Never in a million years, would I, a girl born and raised in the beautiful city of Cebu, think I’d see rice fields so breathtaking in my own backyard. Cebu, known for beaches, mountain peaks, and good food was never known for rice terraces. Discovering that I need not pay a plane ticket and travel to Banaue to see these rice paddies, was a welcome surprise.

Barangay Butong, Argao

Barangay Butong, Argao

Photo from Bisaya Traveller

There, hidden in Barangay Butong, Argao, are rice fields sculpted through time, and well irrigated by natural spring from under a Balete tree. Who would’ve thought, right? The city of Cebu is now not only a beach getaway, but you could also get a glimpse of Banaue’s prided terraces here. Pictures of these beautiful rice fields are in the municipality — proving that they do exist. There’s also something more intimate and special about discovering a hidden gem before the whole city does. You just feel a tad bit closer to nature — something we all need to feel once in a while given our hectic work schedules.

Rice paddies in Barangay Butong, Argao.

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How to get there

Getting to this tucked in treasure in Argao, can be difficult — but I strongly think it’s well worth it. Like many travels, the journey to Argao, starts with a bus ride to Argao. You can take a bus that’s heading to Oslob, and get dropped off at Argao’s bus stop. From the bus stop, you can hail a tricycle or a motorcycle to bring you to Barangay Butong. Be advised, the road to Butong can be steep and bumpy, but as I said, the breathtaking sight makes the not-so-easy ride worth it.

During the ride to the rice terraces, you get to see a ton of beautiful sights too. You could see mini terraces and picture-perfect landscapes. When you get to the terraces, you’d be shocked by how big it actually is — almost as big as a football field.

Upper Becerril, Boljoon’s Rice Terraces

Upper Beceril

Photo from Out of Town Blog

Another hidden terraces gem is found in Upper Becerril Boljoon. The terraces in Boljoon are an absolute must see. It snatches your breath away and relaxes your soul in more ways than one. Needless to say, the rice paddies in Boljoon are one of the most beautiful hidden escapades in Cebu City. If you loved the one in Argao, you’ll definitely swoon over this too!

After seeing the paddies in Upper Becerril, you can also head to the waterfalls in Dayhag — where you can also see other rice fields that’ll surely mesmerize every traveler. The rice paddies in Dayhag are Instagram worthy — decorated with a rustic looking cottage, this magical view will definitely make your well-curated Instagram feed better.

How to get there

Getting to Boljoon’s rice paddies starts at the South Bus Terminal too. You take a bus heading to Oslob and get dropped off at Boljoon’s bus stop. From there, you can hail and haggle a motorcycle to bring you to the beautiful paddies. Like in Argao, heading to the terraces in Boljoon can be uncomfortable, but absolutely worth it.

Exploring the beautiful city of Cebu can sometimes lead you to discover new spots — much like these two, that make you realize how magical and mesmerizing it feels to see these hidden gems. Stumbling upon these well-kept sights was indeed a welcomed surprise. Never would it ever cross my mind that Banaue’s replicated paddies would sit in the busy city of Cebu.

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