Buswang Lake House in Asturias, Cebu – and Why It Should Be Part of You Next Escapade

Buswang Lake House in Asturias, Cebu has become one of the most visited places in this quaint town these days. While the pandemic has taken much toll on many people’s lives now, the eight-hectare body of water has become a go-to place for families and friends to unwind and share a sumptuous meal with a distressing view of the town’s very own Buswang Lake.

About Buswang Lake House Restobar

Buswang Lake is a rehabilitated site and has now become an interest among many individuals in social media. Through the collaboration of the local government and the landowner of the lake, this body of water which was formerly home to freshwater fishes like carps, tilapias, and catfishes now offers exciting treats to its visitors.

Soft opening last September 18, Buswang Lake House now serves the local favorite native chicken soup or “Manok Bisaya Tinibuok”, pochero, and balbacua alongside with many affordable combo meals and healthy food options. They also offer the renowned Tuburan coffee of their neighboring municipality!

Other Activities that can be done in Buswang Lake

‘Buswang’ is a local term which means “to flow from a trapped body of water” – this means that the water in the lake actually comes from the water flowing from the mountainside. With this eight-hectare enclose body of water in sight, visitors can not only enjoy the delicious meal that the restaurant serves, they can also go boating and explore the lake. In fact, in some special events, Buswang Lake House even holds a banca racing.

This development of Buswang Lake is expected to bring more tourists into this charming town once the pandemic is over. It is a perfect place to catch up with good friends over cold refreshments with lively acoustic bands jamming on Friday and Saturday nights.

A great meal with a great view with a great company? That’s Buswang Lake House for you!

How to get to Buswang Lake House and Restobar?

Buswang Lake House and Restobar is located at Barangay Old Bago, Asturia Cebu. To get there, you may ride in a van for hire headed for Asturias in the van terminal in Ayala Center Cebu. Passing by the Transcentral Highway, the travel time would be around an hour and a half – depending on traffic congestion and road reconstruction. From Asturias proper, you may ride a habal-habal to Buswang Lake Restobar.

Buswang Lake House and Restobar is open from 10am to 9pm. You may check their Facebook account for updates or call them at 0947 356 7445.