Buwakan Ni Alejandra: Cebu’s One Of A Kind Flower Garden

I used to show no interest in flowers because I thought flowers only bloom to make the girly girls happy.

But I was wrong.

Flowers are a beautiful reminder that there is life from the soil, and if you take good care of the seed, you will see it bloom right before your very eyes. Like people, they come in different colors, kinds, and forms, too. They give life to a dull room and give meaning to a gentlemanly gesture. They are very attractive and would light up anyone’s day just by looking at them. Gifting someone a nice bouquet of flowers would make them happy, that’s for sure.

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban | Photo by Enyhw Choi Syncronize

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban | Photo by Enyhw Choi Syncronize

In the busy and polluted cities like Cebu City, flowers only bloom when they are delicately taken care of at home, although wild flowers exist, too. However, we see some pretty flowers in hotels, resorts, schools, malls and the like. They add value to a particular area which makes the location very pleasing and captivating to the eyes of the people around it.

When they live in a contained environment with enough water, sunlight, and air, they radiate their beauty and make everyone else happy. Usually, they are found in private areas because they are fragile, they get torn very easily. If you expose them to humans who do not care about these frail living things, they will eventually lose their ability to make other people happy.

Maybe that is one reason why many flower gardens are not very popularly traveled. Visitors are controlled because as mentioned, people who care not about plants or the environment in general, lose their concern over things for the sake of social media’s approval. Though I am not saying that everyone goes there to show off, some know their limits. They smile for the camera without hurting or damaging the plants. Like this nice lady in the photo below.

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban | Photo by Rena Jam

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban | Photo by Rena Jam

There are a few flower gardens in the province but they are not widely popularized because people abuse them. They come visit not to appreciate the beauty of the flowers and other plants but only to take pictures of themselves in the garden, to the point of stepping on them not caring if they break or not. It is that awful.

They leave their marks by pitching trash and by stepping on the plants.

Please, if you plan on coming here, be mindful of your surroundings and abide by the rules.

The latest flower garden that has caught social media’s attention is Buwakan Ni Alejandra in Balamban. It is neighboring other Balamban attractions such as JVR Island In The Sky Resort, Florentino’s In Balamban, and Adventure Cafe And Zipline.

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban

Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban

Balamban can be very chilly so expect fog in the area and bring your jackets for protection.

Among the few flower gardens in the area that is most visited is Sirao Garden, also neighboring Buwakan Ni Alejandra.

Before coming to the garden, make sure that you have the best intentions at heart. You should not only go there to take quick photos but also understand the time it took for one flower to grow. The process is long and complicated so think twice before destroying the flowers!


Now if you are sure you bring to harm to the plants, then it is time for you to head on to the starting point– JY Square, Lahug.

JY Square is a small mall right in the middle of busy Lahug. There is no other way to get to the mountains quickly and as hassle-free than by hiring a habal-habal (that, if you don’t wish to bring a car or hire a V-hire) because no jeepneys go to Balamban. So starting from JY Square, hail a motorcycle and negotiate a good price. It shouldn’t go over 100 pesos. You can also book the habal-habal again so you can go somewhere else after visiting the garden.

You may also start from Ayala Center Cebu by taking a public V-Hire from the terminal to the garden. Just let the driver know so you won’t miss the place.

Upon entering the vicinity, you will be asked to pay 50 pesos. Rates differ.

50 pesos are for regular adults. Children ages 6-10 are 20 pesos per head and senior citizens (with ID) and the PWD will have to pay 25 pesos per person only.


And an additional of 5 pesos as an environmental fee.


You may think that the prices are very unreasonable but remember that by paying the fees, you are helping the management grow more plants and provide work to the locals. Another benefit for supporting the business is that it helps increase oxygen in the area, this means that people who come by will feel relaxed because of the clean air they get to breathe. There are many more advantages for growing gardens, though, but I can only give a few.

As you enter, you will immediately be delighted to see such colorful and vibrant garden full of healthy flowers and some plants.


Buwakan Ni Alejandra, Balamban | Photo by Batang Pier

Delighted is the perfect word to describe the feeling as you walk by the pretty flowers because they are just so refreshing to the eyes, especially if you are like me who goes online almost 24/7. Visiting the garden with your kids will also stir up their green thumb and maybe one day, they become environmentalists.


The site is also a very romantic place to shoot prenuptial photos. Some even come to hold proposals and movies shoots. Celebrities have come to see the place and also shoot some scenes for their shows. Dingdong Dantes was once spotted enjoying the scenery while waiting for his scene.

Dingdong Dantes in Buwakan Ni Alejandra

Dingdong Dantes in Buwakan Ni Alejandra

Overall, Buwakan Ni Alejandra is a pleasant place to visit because the energy you get when you see the garden is just priceless. Even non-flower lovers like me will begin to see their importance and how lovely they are. If you have no pollen allergies then you will have no problems.

If you are interested, you may contact them at 09218129664 for business inquiries, or reach out to them through their Facebook page.