Christmas Gifts and Presents That Are Truly Cebuano

‘Tis the season of giving! For many of us, Christmas means homecoming of family, relatives, and friends from all parts of the country and from across the globe. While it has been part of the Filipino culture to expect pasalubongs from them, it is also important to note how thoughtful it would be if we, in return, would give something back. After all, it’s them who are missing home, who are looking forward to exploring the local sites both old and new, and who are, above all, craving the taste of Cebu.

Here, we sum up products, food, and delicacies that are truly Cebuano, which you can prepare as welcome gifts upon arrival of loved ones or sending off presents when they leave. Everyone enjoys a baon to indulge in even after leaving the Philippine soil! Even you can bring one if you’re spending the holidays outside of Cebu!


©Frod Estaño

Lechon. First thing is first! Anyone who comes to Cebu must be treated to some lechon. This roasted pork dish is a staple in any Cebuano celebrations. The tastiest lechon baboy can be found in Talisay City and Car-car. It’s actually still debatable on which one serves the best. If you don’t want to go far, there are lechon food places you can check out in the city as well. For send off gifts, arrange with your lechon provider of choice to have it packed as airplane/travel ready.


Danggit. Cebu is known to have the best danggit or salted, sun-dried rabbitfish. While it appears to be a humble offering, it’s now actually being served in high-end restaurants and hotels. But, to score the best priced and the most fresh danggit, head to Taboan public market. Just like lechon, you need to have this packed properly, especially because, well, we all know it has this distinct smell.

Pintos Bogo Delicacy

Delicacies. Almost every town in Cebu is known for one or more specialty. Rosquillos in Lilon, pintos in Bogo, ampao and chicharon  in Carcar, tablea and torta in Argao, the list goes on! Delicacies are easily a favorite when it comes to pasalubongs or Cebu food presents because they are ready to pack, easy to carry, and have longer shelf-life. If you can, visit the towns for cheaper finds; but you may also get them at local super markets or tourist shops, it’s more convenient but could be pricey.



Handmade products. If you want to skip the edible gifts, you can always opt for handmade products as handy as a keychain or as overgenerous as an antique piece. Cebu boasts of many! From hand-crafted guitars to fabric and embroidered goods, from wood carvings and sea shell handicraft, you can always find something impressive to give!

For more gift ideas, you can also check out the Agri-Fishery Fair at the Capitol grounds on December 18-22, where you will find local products, produce, food and other delicacies at affordable prices while supporting our local suppliers.