Department of Agriculture offers aid to Farmers and Fishermen

Providing more support to the backbone of the Philippine economy, especially in these times of pandemic, the Department of Agriculture urges farmers and fisherfolks to sign up for the Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture (RSBSA). This is one way for them to receive insurance – of their crops, livestock, fisheries, and non-crop agricultural assets – and assistance to reduce the cost of produce, as well as strengthen farmer’s organizations through agro-enterprise and collective activities.

What is RSBSA?

The Registry System for Basic Sectors in Agriculture – or more commonly known as RSBSA – is the official government registry that identifies Filipino farmers and fisherfolks. It is an electronic database that contains basic information about the people working in the agriculture sectors as well as the members of the DA-accredited farmers’ organizations, like multipurpose cooperatives, irrigator’s association, and people’s organizations. Spouses and children helping in farming and fishing can also be registered if this is their primary livelihood.

How to register for RSBSA?

  1.  To sign up for RSBSA, registrants must be:
  2. at least 18 years of age at the time of registration
  3. Filipino citizen
  4. fisherman, farmer, farm laborer, or worker

Application forms may be downloaded here or acquired through the city and municipal agriculture office.

  • Aside from the form, registrants must also present the following:
  • 2×2 ID picture (taken not more than 6 months before registration)
  • original copy of land title, certificate of land ownership, deed of donation, lease of agreement, or any legal document proving land ownership
  • original copy and photocopy of any of the following identification cards:
    • National ID
    • Postal ID
    • TIN Card
    • Passport
    • PRC ID
    • OWWA ID
    • iDOLE ID
    • Voter’s ID
    • Senior Citizen’s ID
    • School ID (for students)
    • For registrants without valid ID, registrants must secure a duly signed barangay certification containing his/her permanent residence
  • Registration form must be signed by Barangay Chairman/Municipal Agriculture Officer, and City/Municipal Agriculture and Fisheries Council Chairman.
  • Once done, submit forms and documents to CMAO and get the enrollment stub to become a qualified member of the programs headed by the department.

See sample RSBSA Enrollment Form here.

Those who are registered in the RSBSA will be prioritized in the giving of subsidies and agricultural programs by the Department of Agriculture. So, if you are a farmer or fisherman, sign up now!