Did you Know that PNP’s Brand-New High-Speed Watercrafts were made in Cebu?

In order to counter the human trafficking and smuggling activities in the far-flung areas of the Philippines, as well as support counterterrorism operations in some parts of Mindanao, the Philippine National Police Maritime Group has boosted its boat fleet by purchasing brand-new high-speed tactical watercraft.

According to PNP-MG director, Brig. Gen. R’Win Pagkalinawan, it is quite a challenge to guard all municipalities of the Philippines given that there are around 58 coastal provinces in the country. Though the PNP-MG has 35 high-speed tactical watercrafts in its fleet, majority of them are in Mindanao to support the Army, Marines, and police regional and provincial mobile force company. With more and more reports on the lawless elements, particularly the Abu Sayyaf Group – who have been escaping by boat from Sulu to other islands, it is but necessary to acquire additional high-speed tactical watercraft.

High-Speed Watercrafts made in Cebu

This year, the PNP-MARIG is set to receive the 22 brand-new high-speed tactical boats that were built by Dynacast Shipbuilding – a renowned shipyard based in Danao City, Cebu. Each boat is said to worth up to P13.6 million.

The Dynamic Power & Marine Industrial Hardware Inc. (related to Dynacast Shipbuilding) have won the bidding of these boat fleet in 2018 with a contract worth of P264 million.

PNP-MARIG Tactical Boats Features

Each of the 22 boats is powered by 3 outboard motors – and are expected to reach a maximum speed of 50 knots. These are armed with 7.62mm machine guns and/or automatic grenade launchers which are the PNP will supply separately once the boats have been delivered. These are the third batch of fiberglass-hulled high-speed tactical watercraft for the PNP-MARIG, in addition to their 21 units that were supplied beforehand by Propmech Corp. – Safehull Technologies, 7 units by Als Marine – FB Design.

In all, the PNP MARIG will now have around 50 High Speed Tactical Watercraft – in addition to the previously owned small boat assets that were acquired locally or provided by the US government.