Fall In Love With Toledo’s Mount Tagaytay

More often than not, we find ourselves stuck between busy work schedules, school, and other responsibilities. We find ourselves caught in between the busy and booming city of Cebu. This is why we sometimes get burnt out. We get too tired and too used to our busy schedules that we often forget that we, too need a break. What better way to refresh ourselves than to get closer to nature and find a new hidden gem in Cebu, right?

Mount Tagaytay

Photo from Niña Jane Empinado

Photo from Niña Jane Empinado

Mt Tagatay in Toledo

Mt Tagatay in Toledo | Photo by Beth Dacuma

Mount Tagaytay is one of the many breathtaking and hidden gems found in Cebu. Needless to say, visiting this mountain is one of the best ways to take a breather. Mount Tagaytay in Toledo City is a lot like a mesmerizing secret — a total must for travel junkies. This mountain is also best for travelers who want to explore trekking and hiking since it is not that hard to climb. The gentle slopes are great for beginners. You can easily pace yourself as you go, making sure that you have enough energy to get to the top.

Mt. Tagaytay

Photo from Niña Jane Empinado

Mt. Tagaytay in Toledo

Mt. Tagaytay in Toledo | Photo by Beth Dacuma

Although the climb in itself can be magical, everything changes when you get to the top. The jaw-dropping sight is more than enough to refresh both your soul and mind. The picturesque view and landscape can soothe anyone’s troubled mind. The spacious green covered sight can calm you enough that you’d forget your busy city life.


Mt. Tagaytay

Photo from CharMel Edillon

If you are looking for the perfect spot to just take a breather and get closer to nature at the same time, Mount Tagaytay is perfect for you. Tucked in the beautiful city of Toledo, you are guaranteed to enjoy your adventure with the beautiful mountain.


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Like many travels in Cebu, the way to Mount Tagaytay starts at South Bus Terminal. From there, you can take a bus heading to Toledo City. You can then ask one of our friendly drivers to drop you off at Julies Bakeshop in Barangay Magdugo. From there, you can hail and haggle with our motorcycle drivers to bring you to Casoy. From Casoy, you can start trekking to Mount Tagaytay.

Bus fare: Php 60 (non-air-conditioned bus) and Php 75 (air-conditioned bus)

Motorcycle fare: Php 50 to Php 60 per person (however, if you have great haggling skills, you can definitely put it in use)

Tips for trekking (especially for beginners)

Mt. Tagaytay

Photo from Beth Dacuma

  1. It is important that you read about the mountain you are going to climb — this way you know what you are going to be up against.
  2. Bring water so you’ll stay hydrated along the way.
  3. Snacks are important too. Bring the ones that are easy to carry and are high in carbs and protein. Granola bars are one of the best snacks you could bring.
  4. Stretch before the climb so you do not pull a muscle.
  5. Bring a small first aid kit. This is to ensure that if there are any injuries, you could quickly remedy it.
  6. And lastly, enjoy the climb and the view!