Night of Grit Music with Epic Indie Rock Bands

Cebu is an island that has a rich cultural diversity and eclectic music. We Cebuanos continue to embrace foreign influences and mix them with our own. This kind of merge is seen in the many samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly) restaurants, Korean marts, and Cebuano music is no exception. On Grit Music’s fourth leg, they are celebrating true-blue Bisaya bands that continue to make waves in the local music industry.

The Grit Music fourth leg was held in Handuraw White Gold, featuring Cebu-based bands Forgetful Bob, Foc Fashion and Honeydrop, and Dumaguete-based, The ODD Band. It was a night of fellowship, friendship and Grit music (pun intended).

Here is a run-down on the bands that presented that night:

Forgetful Bob


Cebu-based Forgetful Bob is comprised of Dominic Dosdos, Ethan Salazar, Jess Tamboboy and Deniel Molina, officemates with a common passion for music. Forgetful Bob is an indie alternative rock band with a variety of influences including old-school emo, pop, and rock genres. The band’s original songs are written in English, but the members are true blue Cebuanos with influences not just from foreign bands but from the local bands as well. If you’re into the Cebu music scene, you may already be familiar with this band since they are currently active in the local music community with gigs at least twice a month.

They just released their debut album, Sayonara on Spotify. Sayonara has themes of love, heartbreak, nostalgia, and hope. If you’re currently missing someone or you’re in a long-distance relationship, you can listen to the album and relate to Forgetful Bob’s nostalgic lyrics. They are in the process of recording their second album.

The debut album, Sayonara, is available for download; but you can buy physical copies during their gigs and authorized outlets. Find out more about them by following the Forgetful Bob official Facebook page. If you like their music, you can follow them on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. They’re scheduled to go live on June 7, Friday, at Monster Radio.

Foc Fashion

Foc Fashion

Foc Fashion is comprised of Mark Sy, Rhui Ricacho, J Martino Olvido and Jeriel Laraño. The band was initially a revenge band in 2007 but it later turned into a full-fledged creativity and individuality outlet. They are a progressive indie rock band with style influences from dance, punk, and other indie British bands. They won Yahoo! Rocks Breakout Artist of the Visayas in 2011 and they haven’t stopped making waves in the Cebu music scene since then.

Foc Fashion is currently under Hoodist Records and Ineffable Operations. If you’re looking for songs to play at your next party, their music might be your kind of jam. You can stream Foc Fashion music on Spotify. Find out more about this focing epic band by following their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Be on the lookout for their next gig! If you want to connect with them, you can send your inquiry to [email protected].



Honeydrop is comprised of Debb Acebu, Jud Sala, Karl Lucente, Jeriel Laraño and Tram Florido III. Each member has a different genre preference and the difference resulted in a saccharine and unique sound that Honeydrop is known for. This indie pop/rock band is known not only in the Cebu music scene but also in other countries, with their songs getting airtime in Boston and South Korea radios. They have played alongside well-known Filipino artists like Ichyworms, Up Dharma Down, Franco, Kitchie Nadal, and others.

Honeydrop is currently under Melt Records, formerly Bomba Press. You can stream Honeydrop songs on Spotify. If you like their music, you can follow their official fan pages on Facebook and Instagram. They are active in the Cebu music scene. To connect with Honeydrop, send an email to [email protected].



ODD is comprised of Cole Geconcillo, Niko Fuentes, Mark Litorja, and Kerwin Elman. The band is a post-rock band with experimental, minimalistic and melodic elements. The members come from a variety of musical backgrounds, preferences, and influences, which come together in perfect harmony. The Dumaguete-based band is also popular in Cebu because of their many guest appearances including the recent Songs of Summer ‘19.

The name of the band was inspired by a Bible verse 1 Peter 2:9 that talked about a chosen generation and peculiar or odd people. You can stream ODD music on Spotify and follow their Facebook fan page. They are currently on a break to write more new material but if you want to reach out to them, you can send an email to [email protected].

The Cebu music scene is filled with so much talent and variety. To know more about Grit Music Series and support more local bands, check out their Facebook fan page.