How Can Moms Find Work-from-Home Jobs?

As parents, we all know how difficult times have become. Juggling through household chores, managing our homes, and budgeting the income can totally be a struggle – much more in this of the pandemic. Hence, the need to look for job opportunities that can be done at home.

What jobs can moms do at home? Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to imagine the type of jobs that moms can add to their already fully-packed schedules. Fortunately, the onset of remote work opened a whole new world of opportunities to people looking for things that they can do full-time or on the sideline, without having to report onsite. Thanks to the internet, companies can already delegate tasks to their employees on the schedule that best fits their line of work – as long as they can submit all requirements on time.

How to Find Work-from-Home Jobs?

So, how can you find work while staying at home and taking care of your children? Here are some tips you can work on.

  1. Identify your skills.

Obviously, most of the jobs you can do at home are jobs that would require basic to advanced knowledge and skills on the use of technology. This includes data entry, online tutor, social media manager, freelance writer, transcriptions, graphic designer, virtual assistant, bookkeeper, customer service representative, video editor, data specialist, and so on.

Because of the pandemic a number of call centers and business process outsourcing companies are now offering work-from-home opportunities to many work positions. Feel free to check the company’s website or social media pages for job updates and hiring.

  1. Learn new skills.

In case your previous line of work does not resonate with the available jobs online or you’re not that confident with the skills that you have, you can opt to upskill and enroll in available courses online. The top sites for online learning include Coursera, Drawspace, edX, Harvard Online Courses, Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Open Culture, Skillcrush, Skillshare, Udemy, and many more. There are lots of free courses available upon registration, don’t hesitate to make the most of the things that you can learn from these learning platforms.

  1. Look for job opportunities on top freelancing sites.

To find out the kind of jobs that best suits you, you can go through the top freelancing sites available online. These companies usually provide a huge range of job listings for online positions:

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  1. Build your Profile.

After growing the possible job opportunities that you can apply for, the next thing you can do is to build your profile. Aside from your account on the freelancing sites that built, you can also try creating a blog and utilizing LinkedIn to network with other people. In case most cases, recruiters also make use of LinkedIn when they are looking for potential candidates that can help the company. Making sure that your profile stands out is one step ahead of getting that online job!

  1. Consider volunteering.

Getting an online job is easier said than done. Like you, there are thousands of other individuals who are also trying their best to land a job in these difficult times. To make your profile stand out, you can highlight the experiences that you already have which are related and helpful in completing the job that you are applying for. In case you don’t have enough experience yet, feel free to provide free services to your network. See how you can utilize your skills to your friends, family members, or those whom you think you can best apply the things that you know.

Being a mother is tough. Getting a job on top of that is tougher. But this does not mean it’s impossible. With a little perseverance and dedication, you can surely get that job that you have been eyeing for. Keep the faith. As they say: there’s nothing that a mom can’t do for her family.