LOOK: P50K worth of capital given to entrepreneurs in Cebu

This September 30, Cebu Provincial Government’s Micro-business Aid Program called “Sugbo Negosyo” will be formally launched in order to give entrepreneur beneficiaries as much as P50,000 worth of capital.

What is “Sugbo Negosyo”?

Sugbo Negosyo is a program spearheaded by the local government of Cebu to help micro-business entrepreneurs with their passion for entrepreneurship. Cebu Province Governor Gwendolyn Garcia worked with the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) 7, and the Cebu Provincial Board to make the registration process of this program simpler.

According to the statement of the Cebu Capitol, the program comes in three categories: Category A (“Negosyo Padayonon”), Category B (“Produktong Sugbuanon”), and Category C (“Mga Serbisyo ug Ginagmay’ng Patigayon”).

Sugbo Negosyo Categories

  • Category A: “Negosyo Padayonon”

This program aims to aid beneficiaries with a P50,000 worth of goods, equipment, or raw materials in order to repurpose, uplift, or enhance established micro-enterprises heavily affected by the pandemic. 

  • Category B: “Produktong Sugbuanon”

Beneficiaries of “Produktong Sugbuanon” will receive a capital of P20,000 which is aimed to help both new and existing micro-entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing or processing.

  • Category C: “Mga Serbisyo ug Ginagmay’ng Patigayon”

On the other hand, beneficiaries of “Mga Serbisyo ug Ginagmay’ng Patigayon” will receive P10,000. This will be allotted for new and existing micro-entrepreneurs engaged in trading or services.

This micro-business assistance program is a collaboration of the local government, DTI in Central Visayas and the MCCI. To further strengthen this program, the established entrepreneurs of Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be providing mentoring to the beneficiaries of the business capital grant which will be given in kind. 

How to claim micro-business capital?

Recipients of “Sugbo Negosyo” will be able to claim their goods, equipment or raw materials from partner-suppliers through a digital coupon system. The coupon is unique with its quick response (QR) code to ensure validity. 

The Cebu Provincial Government however emphasized that applicants spotted to have entrepreneurial skills and who could ensure the most likelihood of success in his or her endeavor should be given the chance to join the program. With a number of Cebuanos suffering from restrictions and some unable to return to their jobs, the program is made open not only to the marginalized sector but as well as to applicants of “all walks of life”.

The Cebu Governor highly encourage those who have passion to reboot or start a business and those who can produce Cebuano products made of locally sourced materials to apply for this program. The capitol has allocated PHP100 million for the program to be released through the 17 provincial board members worth PHP5 million each, and PHP15 million through the Office of the Vice Governor.

How to apply?

The program is available in Cebu province and only bonafide resident of Cebu province can apply for the said program. To validate application, a voter’s identification card must be presented to be included in the eligibility criteria. For more details of this program, interested applicants may visit the Facebook Page of “Sugbo Negosyo” at https://www.facebook.com/sugbonegosyo2020 for updates.

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