A Love Letter To My Friend

The Queen City of the South is indeed a remarkable place for people to meet, separate, fall in love, and fall apart. While many of us have such varying experiences, we really can’t deny the fact that Cebu is a huge part of our past, if not present or the future.

First love– does it ever die? Do we ever forget the good ol’ days when all we ever felt was pure joy?

Are you remembering that fleeting feeling of puppy love once again? Oh, the joy of our youth.

But the sad reality is, not all kinds of love are for us to keep. Not everyone that comes to our way is meant for us. Sometimes, they are for other people to cherish.

Delight in the memories, and recollect only the good times that love brought to you, before it gave you pain.

Some loves, are meant to remain in our memories.

Here is a love letter to a friend from this week’s contributor, Gelique Ferrer.


A Love Letter To My Friend

By Gelique Ferrer

Around a week ago, I went to see the edge of Cebu City alone. But there was a dozen of other people who went to see the view as well. I had a solo drinking session that night. I stargazed, listened to my favorite songs with that chilly breeze of a cold night. And while I was there, I did a lot of thinking.

Why does Cebu never sleep at night? Why do you smell of orange trees? Cebu, you don’t give much answers, do you, friend?

Only questions that never end.

Have you ever had an infatuation with someone at age 20? How in one night did I come so far? Why am I high on your perfume? Cebu, I mean no offense, but why does nothing in here makes sense?

In a world that won’t let us feel, that’s moving too fast, I have found you. I know for a fact that we can never happen, but I’m constantly drawn into you. I think part of me knew that when I saw you, and how this would eventually happen.

Everything from your smile to the sound of your laughter brings light to the darkest places. The way words roll off your tongue seems as if it’s a spoken lullaby. Yet, it’s more than that, it’s the similarities that keep me thinking that maybe in another time or world, just maybe, there would be a chance.

And, crazy thing is, I don’t know if I’m ever going to feel this way again. But I don’t think if I should. Why, Cebu? Why such beauty in this place? I like my memories as they were.

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