P28.1B, 73+ Kilometers Metro Cebu Expressway (Cebu Circumferential Road) from Naga to Danao in About 1 Hour

Naga… Minglanilla.. These places have become somewhat synonymous to every travelers nightmare – traffic. True story, I went to Tuyan Naga one time to visit a relative and on the way to Cebu City, I got stuck in traffic for nearly 2 hours before reaching Minglanilla proper. That’s barely 4km and nearly 2 hours!

In one word, DEADLY. That’s how the traffic in these 2 places alone can be.

Thankfully, the Naga-Danao super highway is now underway! When this gets done, hopefully, travelling from Naga to Danao, nearly 74km in total distance, will only be about an hour. Something that can usually take 4 hours or more.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ongoing Metro Cebu Expressway
Objective: To improve the current and future transport demand of
Total Length: 73.75 kilometers
Cost: P28.1B
Segments: 1: Minglanila/Talisay Bdry-Cebu City-Mandaue/Consolacion Bdry (26.8km)
2: Mandaue-Consolacion Bdry to Danao City (29.799km)
3. Naga City-Minglanila/Talisay Bdry (17.15km)

At the time of this writing (July 4, 2019), since I have a property near the project area in Naga, here are some photos of the ongoing road widening on this particular segment:

Do you also have updated images of this project from where you are? Please don’t hesitate to share with us so our friends can see them too!