P100K PER YEAR College Scholarship Through BPI’s PAGPUPUGAY

Here’s one sad truth: despite the many opportunities made available, financial stability remains one of the reasons why many fail to go to college—or complete it. Financial strains from paying for tuition, books, room and board, and other expenses can add to the stress of balancing academics and work. Hence, it is no wonder why almost ten percent of Filipino youth consider themselves out-of-school, according to the PSA’s Annual Poverty Indicators survey.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Program

In addition to expenses, another considerable factor to look into is how the pandemic literally changed the landscape of education and the situations of many families around the world. For one, many of our medical front liners have risked their lives to save people during the height of the crisis. In some unfortunate turns of events, their act of service to humanity required their lives in return.

Recognizing the great contributions of the medical front liners in the fight against COVID-19, BPI Foundation initiated the PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Grant, a scholarship program that aims to support the next of kin of the medical front-liners who have succumbed to or been infected by the coronavirus.

PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Program was launched in 2020 to provide educational assistance to fifteen collegiate students, with scholarships being reviewed for renewal on an annual basis. This year, the program opens applications once again for incoming college students.

What are the Benefits of the PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Program?

Scholars accepted into the program will be granted up to P100,000 every academic year to help pay tuition fees and other incidental expenses. This will be channeled directly to BPIF’s partner institution. The said amount will only cover school expenses for an ordinary school year or term and shall not, under any circumstances, reimburse school fees originating from or connected to the summer term, unless the summer term is required by the course curriculum.

The financial assistance will be utilized as a monthly living subsidy and learning assistance allowance for scholars coming from state universities and colleges.

How to Apply for BPI Foundation’s PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Program?

The scholarship grant is only offered to the next of kin of medical front liners—doctors, nurses, medical technologists, community health workers, and administrative, utility, and support services personnel in health care facilities—who passed away or those who contracted COVID-19 in the line of duty.

As per guidelines, priority beneficiaries are the children if the deceased is married. If single, the beneficiaries can be next of kin up to the third degree of consanguinity.

To get accepted, applicants should be college/university students at BPIF’s partner schools—that’s the University of San Carlos and Cebu Technological University in Cebu—and must have and maintain a general weighted average of 85% or its equivalent, or meet the university’s standards for the previous academic year (for the incoming 1st year) or the previous semester (for the incoming 2nd to 5th year).

Interested applicants must submit the accomplished scholarship form, fully accomplished data privacy form, Affidavit of Endorsement and No Objection (if the medical frontline is deceased), Affidavit of Endorsement and No Objection (if the medical frontliner is still living), and Endorsement Letter.

For details, please see the official BPI Foundation website here or the list of guidelines in this file. You can also direct your queries to partner universities for more information or application submission.

These partner schools will do the initial screening of applications before submitting the shortlisted nominees to BPIF. Successful applicants will then be evaluated for academic excellence and financial needs. Once accepted, BPIF will notify selected scholars through the school or email indicated in the application form.The deadline for submission for the PAGPUPUGAY Scholarship Program is May 19, 2023. Submit your applications now!