The Unsung Hero of Sibonga

Nestled approximately fifty kilometers away from Cebu lies a quaint town that has gained popularity for its notable religious landmark, the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, affectionately referred to as the Simala Shrine by locals. This picturesque destination has captivated the hearts of many pilgrims and visitors alike, offering a serene sanctuary where faith and devotion intertwine in a harmonious embrace.

In this same town lives a hero who saved a life on Christmas Eve. While riding on his motorcycle on December 24, 2020, Junrell Fuentes Revilla noticed that a stray dog had been persistently chasing and barking at him. Typically, this would alarm any rider; however, Junrell sensed that it was not aggressive—instead, it looked determined to catch someone’s attention.

Feeling that something was not right, Junrell followed the dog. The journey led to a garbage dump, where the canine immediately ran over to the pile. There, he saw an abandoned newborn. The baby boy, whose umbilical cord and placenta are still attached, was found wrapped in a towel on that dumpsite in Barangay Magcagong.

Junrell then took the initiative to take the infant to the nearest hospital for treatment. He also reported the incident to the police, and then the investigators of Sibonga Police Station went on a search to determine the identity of the baby’s mother and other individuals who could have left the baby in the area. The baby boy has been taken into the custody of social workers while the police continue to look for his mother.

Blacky—The Stray Dog from Sibonga Who Saved a Newborn on Christmas Eve

The infant was found healthy—and best of all, safe—thanks to Junrell and the heroic deed done by the stray dog called ‘Blacky’ by locals. The dog’s inspiring story touched the hearts of many individuals across the internet and has gained the interest of the nonprofit animal shelter, Hope for Strays.

Deserving more recognition, the shelter partnered with Pawssion Project to celebrate Blacky’s heroism, along with that of his human family. Contrary to the initial report, the canine hero is owned and has been with Lyndon Olingay for a year and a half already. They were gifted with groceries and rice, including pet supplies, toys, and treats for the dog.

Junrell and Blacky’s story carries a powerful lesson that transcends its surface narrative. This reminds us of the profound impact that genuine kindness and compassion can have. In particular, Blacky’s unwavering devotion and unexpected heroism remind us of the inherent goodness and selflessness that can be found in every living being—teaching us not to judge based on appearances or societal labels, as true heroism can emerge from the most unexpected places.

Most importantly, Blacky’s actions inspire us to be more aware of our surroundings and the needs of those around us. This reminds us to be more attentive and compassionate and to lend a helping hand when we see someone in distress, even if it may initially seem beyond our capabilities.

Be kind to everyone you meet, especially our fur friends.