INSIDER: Why you should be proud of Tsuneishi

As a maritime country, the Philippines is blessed with the abundance of its seas. In fact, majority of its state and economic activities – like commerce, transportation, and territorial boundaries – highly rely on the bodies of water surrounding it. No wonder, several years after its founding in Japan in 1917, Japan’s leading shipbuilding business designed the Tsuneishi Technical Services Philippines, Inc. in the country in 1992. There they constructed the first TESS45 series (an original 45,000-ton type standard carrier). Its success led to the establishment of the largest shipbuilding dockyard in the Philippines – the Tsuneishi Heavy Industries (Cebu), Inc.

Tsuneishi is located in the western part of Cebu, specifically in Buanoy, Balamban. It has a site area of 1,470,000m² with two berths and one building dock that builds 180,000-ton class bulk carriers with an approximately 13,000 employees (including subcontractor workers and affiliate companies) working on it. The multitudes of jobs created by the company made the town of Balamban grow economically by expanding the agricultural and fish industry of the people.

The company is able to build about 20 – 30 vessels per year with 30,000 to180,000 dead weight tons class bulk carriers using high quality shipbuilding technologies following the standards of Tsuneishi Japan. Some of its greatest products include KAMSARMAX Bulk Carrier, Cruise Ships, and Container Carriers. Because of this, it is regarded as one of the TOP SHIPYARDS in the Philippines and a HALL OF FAMER for Outstanding Community Projects and Outstanding Exporter in the large enterprise category given by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

With its goal: to be love by clients, the community, and fellow employees – Tsuneishi works not only as a shipbuilding site, but also in the promotion of community involvement through the Tsuneishi Foundation in the fields of education, health services, environmental preservation, and disaster relief operation. Through this, they are able to establish a scholarship system for local senior high school, college, and university students, provide assistance to expectant and nursing mothers and other patients who catch diseases endemic to the tropics, do reforestation in mangrove and nearby areas, and give emergency assistance to areas affected by calamities.

Tsuneishi continues to strive towards high levels of customer satisfaction and in becoming the world’s leading shipbuilding company that excels both in ecology and economy.