University of Cebu Graduates Are Highly Preferred by Employers, According to Jobstreet Survey

Despite the changes in the educational setup brought about by the pandemic and technological advancements, employers still place a high value on the school where applicants are coming from. Aside from character, company owners also look for reputable institutions with strong academic programs, extensive networks, specialized training, and overall academic achievement.

This year, Cebu’s homegrown academic institution, the University of Cebu, joins the University of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and De La Salle University in Jobstreet’s list of the top 10 preferred schools by employers.

The Top 10 Preferred Schools by Employers in the Philippines

In the recent survey conducted by the online job portal Jobstreet by SEEK, the University of Cebu emerged as one of the top educational institutions that are highly preferred by hirers in the Philippines when recruiting new applicants.

According to the company, the survey was conducted to empower hirers to be more focused on the job seekers being approached and guide them in crafting policy recommendations to enact changes in both the academe and the workplace while obtaining a deeper understanding of the distinctive strengths possessed by each academic institution.

As Jobstreet by SEEK Country Manager Philip Gioca puts it: “We hope that the insights from the survey improve connections between job seekers and employers. More than preferences, it is crucial for candidates to recognize and hone their own unique qualities and strengths that are primary factors for determining hire-ability and career growth.”

Landing on the eighth spot with the Technological Institute of the Philippines and STI College, the University of Cebu joins the top ten academic institutions that are preferred by companies because of the alignment of its programs and courses to the needs of the industry, work ethics of graduates, and school’s reputation. To note, UC has produced topnotchers in the fields of engineering, nursing, law, accounting, and marine studies.

The analytics released by the leading online job portal was based on a survey conducted in May 2023, encompassing 42 industries and involving 700 companies of varying sizes, following the platform’s hirer base. Graduates from the Polytechnic of the Philippines, who were known to be effective team players, ranked first in the survey, garnering 23.39%. Second on the list is the University of the Philippines with 9.17%, followed by De La Salle University with 6.88%.

Here’s the complete list of the top ten preferred schools by hirers in the Philippines, according to Jobstreet by SEEK:

  1. Polytechnic University of the Philippines – 23.39%
  2. University of the Philippines – 9.17%
  3. De La Salle University – 6.88%
  4. University of Sto. Tomas – 5.28%
  5. Mapua University – 3.44%
  6. Batangas State University – 3.21%
  7. University of Mindanao – 2.29%
  8. University of Cebu, Technological Institute of the Philippines, and STI College – 2.06%