What the “New Normal” would look like at the MCIA

Once this corona virus pandemic is over, traveling will no longer be the same again. For this reason, the country’s friendliest resort-airport, Mactan-Cebu International Airport is preparing numerous preventive measures for the “new normal” in order to ensure that the health and safety of every passenger and airport personnel won’t be at stake.

What the “New Normal” would look like at the MCIA

In order to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Department of Transportation (DoTr), this is what the “new normal” would look like at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport:

  1. Passengers and Airport Employees are now required to wear Facemasks

One of the basic tool used to prevent the spread of corona virus (or other disease) are facemasks. It is a known fact that when someone talks, coughs or sneezes, tiny drops of germs or viruses may remain suspended on air that can totally infect other people. With the use of facemasks, wearer can be protected from other people or help reduce the number of infected individuals.

  • Mandatory Temperature Checks

A fever is a natural way of our body to warn us that something is wrong with us – a possibility of an underlying illness or infection. According to researches, a high fever is one symptom of covid-19. Hence, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport requires a mandatory temperature check to all passengers and employees to assure that everyone in the area is healthy and not carrying with them illnesses that could harm other people.

  • Social distancing of three to six feet in queuing points

Social distancing or the physical distance between people has been an effective way to slow down the spread of virus. Therefore, the MCIA has also adapted this measure wherein passengers are tasked to follow the three to six feet queuing points and even sit one-seat-apart in the waiting areas.

  • Hand sanitizing and shoe disinfection for all passengers and employees prior to Terminal entry

Ever since we were young, we were told to always wash our hands and keep ourselves clean. Sadly, it took a pandemic before we get to realize what our parents have been repeatedly telling us. On a study conducted in Wuhan, China, it has been found out that illness-causing bacteria and infectious diseases could live not only in our hands, but also in our footwear. Viruses can survive on floors and soles of people’s shoes. Hence, all passengers are now required to sanitize their hands and disinfect their shoes upon terminal entry.

  • Continuous disinfection of passenger areas and terminal facilities

Knowing that these viruses could remain alive in floors, chairs, and everywhere else, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport will continuously disinfect passenger areas and terminal facilities to further secure the area from ill-causing diseases.

  • Posting of health information materials and safety reminders in prominent areas of the terminals

Lastly, to further teach passengers about the risks of covid-19 and other diseases, health information materials and safety reminders will be posted in prominent areas of the terminal to remind people from time to time the things that they might forget and the things that they must do to avoid infection.

We’ve long known how important traveling is – whether it’s for official transaction or for another learning experience. Tourism has become a great source of income in the province and has truly help shape the economy of the country. And with all these “new normal” measures, we look forward for a better and healthier airport environment once all of these are over.

All photos from Mactan Cebu Airport.