Cebu Named 2nd Best Island in ASIA 2019 Ahead of Palawan

Kota Beach Bantayan // Photo submitted by Michael Sagonoy

Great news, Cebuanos! The beautiful island of Cebu has been named yet again as the 2nd Best Island in Asia for 2019. This is awesome news and surely would make every Cebuano proud of our place and culture. 

According to the 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards survey, Condé Nast Traveler readers have ranked the 30 best islands in the world outside the U.S. The readers ranked islands in Southeast Asia to those in the Mediterranean. 

For the 32nd annual survey conducted by the CNTraveler, they have gathered a record of 600,000 registered voters. And for 2019, they broke the survey out by region: the best in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, Carribean and the Atlantic, Europe, North America, and best in the rest of the world. Now that’s quite a list they have there. 

For the Top 5 in Asia, Cebu’s made it to the 2nd place. Falling behind Boracay Island, that’s not bad at all. Perhaps next year we’ll even make it to first place – what with all the upcoming projects and developments on the island. It’s not far from happening. 

Last year, the islands of Boracay, Cebu, and Palawan gained the top titles in Conde Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards in 2017. Source:

Although Boracay landed first place in Conde Nast’s “Best Island in the World” category, Cebu was second and Palawan third. And for this reason, I believe it’s enough reason for us to be proud, grateful and be motivated to continue growing and being better in our services. Most especially if we all help out in maintaining Cebu’s natural beauty.

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Cebu is located at the center of the Philippines and attracting almost 2 million travelers yearly because of our unspoiled and beautiful beaches. Abundant marine biodiversity in the northern part of the island – which is attractive to a lot of divers. As well as enchanting falls, rivers, and lakes – definitely great for backpackers and all outdoor lovers. 

Here’s the actual list, from our source –

Top 5 Islands in Asia 

5. Bali, Indonesia

4. Palawan, Philippines 

3. Penang, Malaysia

2. Cebu and Visayas Islands, Philippines 

1. Boracay, Philippines 

We’re very proud of all Cebuanos’ hard work and hope that we continue being the top choice for travelers all over the world. Peace!