Dingayop Cave and Spring – Two of Dalaguete’s Natural Attractions

Beautiful Dingayop Spring // Photo submitted by Jhaz Owerta 

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.” — John Ruskin

Summer in Cebu is always a great time. One of the most visited towns in the province is Dalaguete, located in the south and regarded as the Summer Capital of Cebu and Vegetable Basket of Cebu. The town of Dalaguete is famous for its richness in history and impressive natural attractions.

Dingayop Cold Spring // Photo submitted by Jhaz Owerta 

A lot of Dalaguete’s mountain barangays still remain undeveloped and because of that, it has become one of the destinations for sustainable tourism in the province of Cebu. Other famous tourist spots in Dalaguete are the Osmeña Peak, Lagnason Creek, Obong Spring, and the Kulabyaw Cave. And to add to this list of natural attractions in Dalaguete – the Dingayop Cave and Spring. 

Dingayop Cold Spring // Photo submitted by Jhaz Owerta 

The Dingayop Cave and Spring can be found in Brgy. Obo, Dalaguete. The water in this nature spring gushes into different areas in the mountains of Dalaguete. It was also known to be the water source for the Spaniards who used to live in Dalaguete in the olden days. And now it is the source of water for the local residents in the area. 

The trail going to Dingayop Spring // Photo submitted by Jhaz Owerta 

The cold spring is locally known and the trail leading to the spring is surrounded by lots of trees, making your trek going to the spring will be light and cool one. When you get to the Dingayop Spring you will see big rocks that are yellowish and are called the “malalag” – these naturally formed under the Dingayop waterfalls. The big rocks got its name because of its color and because of its depth. 

DIngayop Cave // Photo submitted by Diroca Fedilla

The Dingayop Cave, also known as the Eagle’s Cave is definitely a must-visit in the town of Dalaguete. It has stayed undeveloped through the years. Note that the path leading to the cave can be slippery especially when it’s raining or just rained. It’s best to hire a guide to be with you as you go exploring because there are places wherein you’d have to crawl inside the cave. 

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Dingayop Cave // Photo submitted by Diroca Fedilla

Inside the Dingayop Cave, you will find stalactite formation that looks like the legs of an eagle. That’s why it’s also called the Eagle Cave. Although there is no eagle living inside the cave, just so you won’t expect too much and be disappointed when you get to the cave.

Dingayop Cave // Photo submitted by Diroca Fedilla
Dingayop Cave // Photo submitted by Diroca Fedilla


Entrance Fee: 

  • Cave – Php 100 per person 
  • Spring – Php 50 per person 


  • Helmer and Life Jacket – Php 30 
  • Trail Guide Fee – Php 20 per person 
  • Tour Guide Fee – Php 500 per person (Maximum of 5 per group, this is for the Spring Tour only) 
  • Package Tour (maximum of 4 people) – Php 375 per person, inclusive of guide fee, entrance, and gears)

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How to get there 

Dingayop Cave and Spring is located in Brgy. Obo, Dalaguete, Cebu. It’s approximately 92 KM from the city. 

CAR: The most convenient way to get to the Dingayop Cave and Spring is through a private or rental car. Just search “Obo Dalaguete” on Google Maps or Waze and follow the directions. When you get to the corner of Osmena Peak, turn right and go to Obo. You will see a sign that says “This way to Dingayop Spring and Nature Park”. You can also ask the locals for proper directions as the road to the spring can be narrow and there are limited parking spaces at the site. 

BUS: Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal and hop on a bus that’s bound for Dalaguete. Tell the conductor or driver to drop you off at the corner to Mantalongon or Osmena Peak. Then you take a habal-habal to the Dingayop Spring and Nature Park’s entrance. You can also schedule pick up with the kuya habal habal driver so you won’t have to worry about getting back to the town proper when you leave the park.