Tubod Bukid Resort And Its Longest Waterslide In The Island Of Cebu

Did you guys know that the longest waterslide in the island of Cebu can be found in Minglanilla? Me, neither. But hey, that’s about to change. 😉

Recently, the Tubod Flowing Resort has expanded and opened the Tubod Bukid Resort – showcasing the longest freshwater slide in Cebu. Yasss! It sounds like a lot of fun for the kids and those who love getting their adrenaline pumping.

Photo source: Tubod Bukid Resort website

A little info on the town of Minglanilla, it is known as the “Sugat Capital of the South”. They have this annual tradition called “Sugat – Kabanhawan Festival” on Easter Sundays. This practice reflects the devotion of the residents of Minglanilla to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

They’re so lucky to have a freshwater spring up in their mountains – which leads us to Tubod Bukid Resort. The word tubod actually translates to “spring” and bukid, translates to “mountain”; hence the name.

Photo source: Tubod Bukid Resort website

The resort is situated in the mountains overlooking the town of Minglanilla. The place has swimming pools for guests to cool off, and its main attraction is the longest waterslide with a length of 125 meters or 411 feet.

Photo source: Tubod Bukid Resort website
Photo source: Tubod Bukid Resort website

The waterslide starts at the top of the mountain, where guests can have a 360-degree view of the town while sliding down into the main pool. At the end of the slide, there is a 10-foot long pool that serves as a stopper for the waterslide.

Photo source: Tubod Bukid Resort website

Tubod Bukid Resorts’ pool’s design is similar to those that are used for the waterslides in Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark. Would you be brave enough to slide down this waterslide? 🙂

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The Tubod Bukid Resort is open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM during Saturday; 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays

The entrance fee of the resort is at Php 220 for Adults and Php 110 for children (8 years old and below)

  • Round Cottage – Php 500
  • Table with Chairs – Php 400
  • No overnight rooms are available at Tubod Bukid Resort — But you can stay overnight at Tubod Flowing Waters; Room Rates are the ff:
  • Standard Room for 2 – Php 1,400
  • Family Room for 4 – Php 2,300
  • Deluxe for 2 persons – Php 1,900
  • Deluxe for 3 persons – Php 2,400
  • Deluxe for 4 persons – Php 2,900
  • Deluxe for 7 persons – Php 3,900
  • Deluxe for 8 persons – Php 4,000
  • Dormitory Rooms (good for 10, 12, 16 or 20) – Php 360 per head
  • Deluxe Dorm Room (good for 10) – Php 5,500

Amenities of Tubod Flowing Water Resort & Tubod Bukid Resort

  • Spring Swimming Pools
  • Adult & Children’s Water Slides
  • Halls – bigger cottage type good for 20 persons and up
  • Room Accommodations
  • Canteen
  • Basketball and Billiards
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • 9D Virtual Reality
  • Gyroscope
  • Meniscus Coaster Ride
  • Grilling Area
  • Function Rooms
  • Catering Services
  • Wedding Package

*Note: There is no corkage fee in the resort. Guests are free to bring food and drinks from outside. NO Alcoholic drinks allowed.

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How to get there

Tubod Bukid Resort is located in Upper Tubod, Sandayong, Minglanilla, Cebu. It’s approximately 15km from the city proper and may take a 30 to 45 minute – drive.

CAR: The easiest way to get there is through a private or rental car. Just search Tubod Flowing Water on Google Maps or Waze and follow the directions. There is enough parking space available for guests at the resort.

JEEP: Take a jeepney going to Minglanilla. Tell the driver or konduktor that you’d like to get off at the Upper Pakigne where you will see a signboard “Tubod Flowing Water Resort”. From there, take a habal-habal or tricycle to take you to the resort. Tubod Bukid Resort is located right across the Tubod Flowing Resort.

TAXI/ GRAB CAR: Tell the driver to take you to Tubod Flowing Resort in Minglanilla. The drivers mostly know of the place already, if not you can just use Google Maps or Waze as a guide.


For more information, inquiries, and reservations; you may contact them on their Facebook page – Tubod Flowing Water Resort.

You may also give them a call through the following numbers: (032) 383-1533, (032) 272-3467, (0917) 601-8843

Also, visit their official website at https://tubod-bukid-resort.business.site/