Discover the Guining Falls in Brgy. Tabunan

Trek down the Tabunan forest and discover these beautiful falls, Guining Falls // Photo Submitted by Reche Gelig

Cebu is known to be filled with lots of natural attractions both inland and water. Some of the more popular spots on the island are the Kawasan Falls in Badian, and the Pescador Island in Moalboal. However, there are also little-known works of nature that are waiting to be admired by more and more people – both local and travelers alike. One of these unexposed natural attractions is the Guining Falls in Tabunan, Cebu.

Guining Falls // Photo Submitted by Reche Gelig

A little fact about the place – Tabunan is a mountain barangay situated right in the middle of Cebu. The barangay got its name from the Tabon bird which was often seen in the area in the past. And the bird had this behavior wherein it would make use of dried leaves and grass to cover its nest. Hence, the word “tabon” which translates to “cover” in Cebuano, was used as its name.

Guining Falls // Photo Submitted by Reche Gelig

And the Guining Falls within the forest of Tabunan has become one of the final stops of the mountaineers who would climb either Mt. Manunggal or Mt. Mauyog. Though it’s not as sublime as the Kawasan Falls in Badian or as bewitching as the Dao Falls in Samboan, the Guining Falls offers a picturesque trail. As hikers walk their way to the falls in the Tabunan Forest, a cool and intimate natural pool awaits!

Guining Falls // Photo Submitted by Reche Gelig

Since the falls are located within the forest, the place will be a paradise for nature-lovers. You will get to spend the whole day hiking and exploring everything that nature has to offer. Plus, you can really connect with the forces of nature. It’s also best to find someone to serve as your guide when you decide to trek to the waterfalls, so as to avoid getting lost in the area.

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Don’t forget to bring lots of water, stay hydrated and protect yourselves from the scorching heat of the sun. And lastly, leave no trace, don’t be a litterbug. Be kind to Mama Earth.

How to get there

Guining Falls is located in the forested area of Brgy. Tabunan, Cebu City. The place is approximately 30.5 KM from the city proper.

VAN: Take a van ride that’s bound for Balamban from the Ayala Terminal. Tell the driver to drop you off at the corner or iskina between Brgy. Cantipla and Brgy. Tabunan.

From there, take a habal-habal ride to Tabunan Brgy. Hall. Make sure to advise your habal-habal driver to wait for you until you guys are done trekking because he will be your only way to get back to the main road.

Then, tell Kuya driver to drop you off in Busay, at the foot of Mt. View Resort. From there you guys can hop on a jeepney or take another habal-habal ride down to JY Square Mall.

CAR: For those planning to take their private vehicle and driving to the barangay, there are parking spaces available at the Brgy. Multi-purpose Hall. The type of cars recommended for this trip is the van and 4×4 for the rough ride through the terrains.

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Note: Before you guys decide to take on this trail to the Guining Falls, you can call Cebu City Tourism Commission at 032 412 4355 to ask for contact or phone number for the Tabunan Brgy. Hall. This is for you to arrange and hire a guide for the trek heading to the falls.

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