Cebu’s Pride: 4 Gifts We Got From 2018

The year 2018 has definitely been so good to us. Cebu has vastly improved; higher buildings, better attractions and more beautiful beach resorts were added to our list of travel goals. These establishments do not only exist to make every Cebuano proud but also to provide more jobs for us!

This year brought several surprises, pleasant ones. If you are wondering what they are, see the 4 wonderful gifts we got from 2018!

Anjo World

Photo from Anjo World

Photo from Anjo World

One of the biggest surprises that ever happened to us was the construction of Anjo World. It is, by far, the most interesting theme parks that we have, and it’s not seasonal since it is open every day.

It opened just this month, December 22, 2018, and people can’t get enough of it! “Open from Mondays through Fridays, 12 noon to 8 in the evening (weekdays) and 10 AM to 9 PM on the weekends. Ticket prices start at 450 pesos per person.”

Click here to know about Anjo World and how to get there.

Snow World

Photo by Snow World

Photo by Snow World

Inside Anjo World is the coldest part of Cebu: Snow World. They created a whole new world in Cebu, bringing in some man-made snow and some ice sculptures, and ice slides!

“The entrance fee for Snow World is only 350 per head, excluding kids below 2 years old. Once the tickets are purchased, there’s no turning back! No return, no exchange. You have UNLIMITED fun time inside to explore as much as you want!”

Here’s an article we made for Snow World.

Happy Beach

Photo from Happy Beach

Photo from Happy Beach

The pink resort, popular for its massive inflatables and of course, the pink everything, opened just this month also. If you are a fan of anything that is picture-worthy, you would surely love Happy Beach.

The beach is a typical Mactan beach, but the details they’ve put in to increase the value of the resort will take your breath away! I’m sure you would not want to leave.

Beach pass is 699 pesos only! Get to enjoy the latest resort in Cebu this 2019 by booking now. More details here.

Boom na Boom sa Sugbo

Photo by Real Vince

Photo by Real Vince

If you haven’t heard yet, 2 weeks ago they had a “minor technical problem” which led to their own personnel to push the roller coaster (in the middle of a ride) manually so that it would work!

However, this amusement park, which is formerly known as Kasadya sa SRP is still one of the highlights of the year. New rides, fancier ones, mean more fun and excitement! Just make sure you get to ride the safer ones, okay? It’s still nice to take little children out to play rather than keep them hooked on their gadgets!

It is always nice to look back on what the good year has done and be grateful for every opportunity. This 2019 is our chance to explore and experience Cebu a little better and learn to love our own homeland more.

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